Friday, 17 November 2017

Trump Just Unleashed ‘Raging Bull’ And Rained Hell On Those Who Had It Coming – He’s NOT Messing Around.

All Out War Expected Within The Hour After What Anti-Trump Democrat Was Just Arrested In SICK Plot Against Pres.

Trump Just Declared We’re Officially At War, Issues SHOCKING New Order – Doesn’t Care Who’s Offended.

Trump Just Announced What He’s Doing To WH Christmas Tree No Matter How Many Libs Are MAD About It.

BREAKING: NFL Executives Just Woke To Devastating News About The Rest Of Their Season Today.

BOMBSHELL: Major Congressional Scandal Breaks, This Is Nasty.

BREAKING: China Makes Stunning Move, Vindicating Trump.

Obama Selling His Most Disgusting Secret Yet And Could Be Yours For A Ma...

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Trump’s 1st Move After Returning to US: Tell Off CNN in Front of Entire Country.

Americans Horrified After Heavily-Armed Anti-Terror Squad Just Released – Here’s Where They’re Headed.

BREAKING: Trump Has Just Been Sentenced To Death, Here’s Who Signed His Life Away.

Carrie Underwood Just Got Devastating Dose Of Karma 4 Days After Publicly Ripping President Trump.

It’s Happening! 194 Liberals Are Heading To Prison At Once – All Face A DECADE Behind Bars.

3 Black Nurses Find Out Patient Is WWII Vet, Have Horrific Surprise For Him – Now He’s Dead.

Obama Just Showed Up To A NYC Mansion Without Michelle And Shocks Everyone With Who Was With Him.

3 Racist Black Nurses Find Out Patient Is WWII Vet, Have Horrific Surprise For Him – Now He’s Dead.

Right After Basketball Players Publicly Thank Trump For Saving Them, Look What Happened To All 3.

BREAKING: Sessions Drops Comey Bombshell, Confirms The Worst.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

BREAKING: Bill Clinton Gets Horrific News, He Deserves This.

24Hrs After Trump Frees Basketball Players from 10Yr Chinese Prison Sent...

Horrifying Alert Issued After 6 Drop Dead In State Overrun With Refugees – It’s FAR Worse Than We Thought.

President's chief of staff: Donald Trump helped UCLA 'knuckleheads'.

President's chief of staff: Donald Trump helped UCLA 'knuckleheads'.

As Biden Sat in Tent on Vets Day, Pence Grabbed Supplies and Cleaned Memorial Pences Pitch In.

Obama Is Pissed After What Trump Just Armed Our Military With That Has Our Enemies Hiding In Holes.

JUST IN: Republicans Drop Shock Lynch Accusation, It’s a Bombshell.

NFL Player Saw Veteran On ‘His’ Sideline During The Game, Shocks Entire Stadium With What He Did To Him.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

24Hrs After Racist Kaepernick Gets Citizen Award He Gets BAD News About ...

BREAKING: At Least 3 Dead In Massive School Shooting – Here’s What’s Happening On Scene Now.

BREAKING: Dems Get Catastrophic News, They Deserve This.

Man Vanishes After Showing Up With Something Of Hillary’s She Thought Was Lost, Dems Are Freaking Out.

Former Asst FBI Director Unleashes on Hillary, Crimes “20 Times” Worse Than Watergate.

NFL Commissioner Just Infuriated Every American With 1 BIG Demand After ...

3 NFL Players Were Warned About Respect At Veteran’s Day Games & Didn’t Listen, Now Look What Happened.

Obama Suffers Total Meltdown Over What Veterans Gave Trump On Live TV.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

NFL: Army Ranger Who Was Only Player To Stand For Anthem Shocks Americans With What He Did On Veterans Day.

Army Ranger Who Was Only Player To Stand For Anthem Shocks Americans With What He Did On Veterans Day.

BREAKING: NFL Issues Horrifying Veterans Day Announcement, This Is Nasty.

24 Hours After Veterans Day, Disrespectful NFL Makes Devastating Announc...

Kamala Harris Caught in Money Funneling Scheme with Maxine Waters.

Onlookers Shocked At What Mike Pence Was Caught Doing At Vietnam War Memorial Today.

Mueller Now Connected to a Covered-Up Bribery Scheme Involving Hillary Clinton.

Claim: Woman Says She Was Offered Big Money to Blame Roy Moore of Misconduct.

ALERT: Trump Wins Massive ‘China’ Victory, No One Expected This.

BREAKING: Trump and Putin Issue Major Announcement.

Bombshell! In Epic 6 2 Decision, US Supreme Court Declares Barack Obama ...

Saturday, 11 November 2017

NFL Commissioner Is Finished After What He Was Just Caught Hiding In His Office.

JUST IN: NFL Anthem Protesters Get Horrific News, Media Narrative Destroyed.

NFL Thug Bashes Trump, Protests Anthem – Gets Massive Karmic Payback Aft...

NFL: Over 200k Members of Facebook Group Vow to Boycott NFL for Veterans Day Weekend.

NFL Racist NAACP Wants To Make Sick New Change To National Anthem That W...

BREAKING: Kaepernick Hit With Massive Humiliation, He Deserves This.

Melania Just Left Asia Alone Early, Gets Grossly Attacked On Her Way Libs Find Out Where’s She’s Going.

NFL In Full Panic Over Incredible Revenge Veterans Have Planned For Veteran’s Day Game Sunday.

NFL In Full Panic Over Incredible Revenge Veterans Have Planned For Veteran’s Day Game Sunday.

24Hrs After Getting Sued, Stressed Out NFL Commissioner Makes Sudden Shocking Move Nobody Saw Coming.

Trump Returning to US with Over $250 Billion in Deals, China Announces ‘This Is Truly A Miracle’.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Confirmed: Obama Official Rigged Trial of Marine Who Urinated on Taliban Corpse.

Democrat Forced to Resign After Police Uncover Infant Pornography on Computer Child Porn Probe Snares Democrat.

Trump Rejected 5 Women Sent to Hotel Room, “We Don’t Do That Type of Stuff” Bodyguard Says.

Country Stars Warned About Bashing Trump At Awards Show But They Didn’t Listen, Now Look What Happened.

All Of Hollywood In Full Panic Mode After What Actor’s Sick List Shows H...

NFL Legend Just Issued Death Blow To Colin Kaepernick After He Sued The League For Not Hiring Him.

BREAKING: Comey Accused In Major Scandal, He’s In Deep Trouble.

Traitor Bergdahl About To Receive a Major Award That Will Make Your Bloo...

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Urgent Alert Released After 2nd Killing Spree In Texas Targets Kids – He...

BREAKING: Tragic News About Ben Carson Just In – Stop Everything And Do This For Him Right Now.

Reporter Asked Trump About Gun Control, SUDDENLY All Hell Broke Loose.

Donna Brazile Has Vanished After Sudden Shock Announcement Of Who Killed Seth Rich And Now It’s BAD.

After Reporter Attacks Sarah Sanders’ Weight, Sarah’s MOM Lets Hell Brea...

Trump Shakes Emperor’s Hand And Everyone Immediately Noticed 1 Huge Thin...

It’s Confirmed! Team Desperately Pursuing Kaepernick In Nasty Plan That Will Ruin The NFL Forever.

IT’S HAPPENING! Seconds After Revealing His Plan To GUT Obamacare, Trump...

IT’S HAPPENING! Seconds After Revealing His Plan To GUT Obamacare, Trump...

Monday, 6 November 2017

CNN Tries To Humiliate Texas Shooting Hero, Blows Up In Their Face After He Says Two Words

BREAKING: GOP Bill Proposes Devastating Slash To NFL Tax Breaks.

Obama Just Did Unthinkable To All 26 Texas Victims Behind Trump’s Back While He’s Overseas – This Is SICK

BREAKING: Mueller Busted With Muslim Radicals In White House – Could Be Removed From Investigating Trump

BREAKING: Former NFL Cowboys Star Just ARRESTED For Stabbing His Wife To DEATH.

NFL: List Of Overpaid NFL Players Who Disrespected The USA Today.

New ‘Black Death’ Breaking Out Deadly Virus WORSE Than Plague With No Cu...

The Truly Sick Thing Donna Brazile Just Did On Live TV Would Make Any Wa...

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Obama BUSTED After What He Was Caught Hiding In Massive Raid – He Had It For 6 Years!

NFL: 4 Officers Just Royally Enraged Anti-Cop NFL With What They Suddenly Walked Out On Field And Said

NFL: Saints Pick On Disabled Veteran After He Turned Down An NFL Award.

Breaking: Antifa Reveals Locations For Their November 4 Protests – Is Your City Included?

McCain Blasts US in Speech to Naval Academy, “No More America First”

JUST IN: Kaepernick’s Lawyers Drop Jaws With Unexpected Move…

NFL: Group Calling For NFL Boycott On Veterans Day Reaches 200,000 Supporters.

Kaepernick Just Woke To WORST ‘Present’ Today On His Birthday – This Is The Best Thing Ever.

Friday, 3 November 2017

It’s Happening! Hillary Could Finally Be Arrested After What Trump Just ...

NEW PROOF Just Exposed McCain’s Ties To Russia And The Instant Payback Will CRUSH His Reputation.

BREAKING: REPORT Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself

BREAKING: Traitor Bergdahl Just Learned His Shocking Fate – Now Look What’s Happening

Texan QB Who Sent Nasty Message To America Will Now Be Forced To Take A ...

NYC Victim’s Father Issues Powerful Demand, People Are Stunned

Even Liz Warren Is Turning on Hillary, Points Out Corruption

Trump Has Officially Ended It For The NFL In Final Devastating Blow Hour...

Brazile Tell All Hillary Controlled DNC Using Extortion, Ignored FEC Laws

Thursday, 2 November 2017

NFL Owners Struck Dumb After Seeing Their ‘Punishment’ In Trump’s New Ta...

MLB Gave Big Middle Finger To Racist NFL Kneelers At World Series With Sly Thing They Did On Field

Horrific Alert Just Released For Every American Family After ISIS’ Plot For U.S. Neighborhoods Was Uncovered

Trump White Houese Drops Russiagate Bombshell, Liberals Hate It News Al...

Donna Brazile Goes Turncoat: Hillary Rigged Elections.

FBI Issues Urgent Warning As Massive Manhunt Is Underway For Second Terr...

Trump Drops Everything To Go To Hospital With Melania – Here’s Who Else ...

Trump Smacks Chuck Schumer, Fires Shot Heard Round The World To Keep Us ...

NFL: One of the NFL’s biggest advertisers is pulling its ads

Thursday, 26 October 2017

NFL Breaking: Congress Just ENDED It For Anti-American NFL With Just One Swipe Of The Pen.

NFL Execs In FULL PANIC Mode To Save League – Look What They’re Doing NO...

NFL: Roger Goodell Struck Dumb By TV Execs Plan To Fix Ratings Mess That Spells Doom For NFL’s Future

Obama Could Be Going To Prison For YEARS After His SICKEST Money Funnel ...

Top Stories Today - BREAKING: Trump Just Ended Welfare For One HUGE Group For 5 Years! – Let The Riots ERUPT!

NFL: Kneeling Anthem Scumbags HORRIFIED With What Just Showed Up On The Sidelines During Their Protest

Trump Tower About To Go On Lockdown After Riot Breaks Out – Here’s Who’s Threatening To Bring It Down

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

BREAKING The NFL Has Crashed!

NBA Bobby Portis Suspended 8 Games After Practice Altercation with Nikol...

Look What Trump Just Did When He Found Out Who Moved In As White House M...

After Getting BAD News Overnight, NFL Commish Just Emerged From 3Hr Meet...

Trump Just Busted Obama At The Center Of Dems’ BIGGEST Scandal Yet That’...

NFL Titan Who Promised To Quit NFL If Forced To Stand Had NASTY Surprise...

Ann Arbor City Council Takes a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance

Trump Just Issued URGENT Warning To All Americans About The SICK Shots O...

NFL 48Hrs After Furious Jag Fan Flew Scathing Message Over Players’ Prot...

NFL Florida Man Uses Airplane to Fly Anti Protest Statement for All to See